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Skills gathered through the Solana GalaxyEdit


  • Take Aim - Shoot down a jet flying around, best if you just stand, and fire the R.Y.N.O.


  • Swing It! - Hit all versa-targets without touching a platform
  • Transported - Destroy three flying transport ships


  • Strike a Pose - Stand under the statue on Big Al's robo shack
  • Blimpy - Destroy a blimp, duh :P
  • Quarktastic - Destroy the Quark robot


  • Any Ten - Destroy any 10 flying ships

Nebula G34Edit

  • Girl Trouble - Defeat Alien Queen (and enemies) with ONLY the wrench


  • Tricky - Do a Twisty McMarx (R1 + L1 + R2 + L2 or opposite)
  • Cluck, Cluck - Turn a tank into a chicken
  • Speedy - win the hoverboard race in 1:35 minutes


  • Jumper - Complete the grind rail without taking damage
  • Accuracy counts - Destroy a blargian ship using the turret
  • Eat Lead - Destroy every tank using the Sonic Summoner


  • Destroyed - Destroy ALL bombers
  • Gunner - Destroy five ships using any turret


  • Sniper - Kill a screamer through a sniper pipe
  • Hey, Over Here! - Use the taunter to kill a crab, with a force field


  • Alien Invasion - Destroy three flying saucers using the Visibomb Gun
  • Buried Treasure - Go under water, and keep blowing up crates until the skill appears


  • Pest Control - Kill ALL anklebiters
  • Whirlybirds - Destroy five helicopters

Gemlik MoonbaseEdit

  • Sitting Ducks - Destroy all cargo ships in the base


  • Shattered Glass - Destroy all street lights
  • Blast 'em - Destroy three blargian ships

Kalebo IIIEdit

  • Heavy Traffic - Don't destroy or get hit by anything on the grind rail
  • Magicican - Get a score of 4500 or more in the hoverboard race

Drek's FleetEdit

  • Sneaky - Kill all robots in the hologuise path
  • Careful Cruise - complete the water path without taking damage


  • Going Commando - Kill 10 Blarg Elite Guards with only the wrench


These only work after completion of the game and after begining challenge mode.

  • Big Head Ratchet - Back Flip x3 - Full second Crouch - Stretch Jump - Full Second Glide
  • Big Head Clank - Back Flip - Hyper strike - comet strike - double jump - hyper strike - flip left - flip right - full second crouch
  • Big Head Actors - Flip left - Flip right - Back flip x2 - comet strike - double jump - comet strike - hyper strike.
  • Big head enemies - Stretch Jump, Flip Back (x3), Stretch Jump, Flip Back (x3), Stretch Jump, Flip Back (x3), Full Second Crouch.
  • Mirrored levels - Flip Left (x4), 3-Hit Wrench Combo, Hyper Strike, Flip Right (x4), Double Jump, Full Second Crouch.
  • Max nanotech = invincible for 30 seconds - Comet-Strike (x4), Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Comet-Strike (x4).
  • Trippy contrails - Wall Jump (x10), Double Jump, Hyper-Strike.